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Since January 2000, Cybertronics UK have been providing computer network support services to its customers. Cybertronics UK offer a wide range of services and products including used Cisco equipment and various other network solutions. Our products include large brands such as Enterasys, Nortel, 3COM, Foundry, Nokia, Siemens, Dell and of course Cisco.

As well as providing refurbished and brand new products, we also provide a range of services including network support and computer network maintenance. We also offer a repair service and although others may feel that this service is no longer needed, we disagree as do many of our returning customers. We have a highly trained team who are willing to help you no matter what you need. Simply contact us for more information on any of our services and we will do our best to help you in any way that we can.

Our dedicated team are able to help with various computer network repair issues and we also offer a network installation service to help keep your business ahead of the competition. Computer Network Maintenance is our speciality and we pride ourselves in our ability to support our customers through both the installation and support aspects of the network maintenance contract. Supplying high quality customer service is our main aim and we have established a reputation for excellence over the past 10 years.

At Cybertronics UK we offer a large range of services including Technical Support as well as supplying you with the latest and best Cisco products. Whether you require brand new or refurbished equipment we can help and our field services experience proves this. We have a well trained sales team who are dedicated and professional and will do all they can to get you the best deal available.

Another area of our expertise is repairs. We pride ourselves in offering a great range of services and high quality customer service so you can be sure your problems will be solved in an efficient and professional manner. We have a team of engineers with years of experience in networking solutions and electronics. We are also ISO9000 registered so you can be sure your products are repaired in a safe and practical environment. We also provide a 3 month warranty on our repairs work so you can rest assured that the products are fit for resale if need be.

Please feel free to browse our services on the website and if you would like a consultation either fill in our contact form or email inquiry@cybertronics.co.uk


Saranjit Nijjar

Company Director
Cybertronics UK

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