Getting your kit Repaired

It seems that over the last few years, repair companies have become few and far between. Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to think that repairs are an obsolete service and therefore don’t offer any options for businesses or individuals anymore. However, here at Cybertronics UK we value the importance of repair services for our customers and therefore provide a range of options to suit your needs. Our highly trained staff will be able to assist you in your electronics or networking problems and as an ISO9001 registered company, you can rest assured that your products will be taken good care of. We also offer warranties on all equipment so that you can be confident on reselling these products if need be.

We have a growing repairs department and we are now very well equipped to repair the latest networking and electronics equipment. We have a highly skilled team of engineers who will happily assist you no matter what your needs. Below is some information about the equipment we can repair, but this list is not definitive.
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ISO 9001

As part of our continuous improvement process to provide faster and consistent service to our customers, we have invested in high quality repair centres and state of the art test equipment. Today, Cybertronics UK our repair centres follow ISO9000 certificated processes to provide quick and reliable repair service on defective PCBs. These faulty PCBs are parts sent to us either directly by our onsite service engineers or our cooperative customers.

Cybertronics’s repair development, services and support operations meet applicable ISO requirements, with most processes certified to the ISO 9000 standard. We have also aligned our company-level quality processes with the ISO 9000 standard. For more information about our Current Quality Policy click here.

Cybertronics has the capability to repair a large selection of PCBs and Networking equipment. Parts that are not repairable are returned to customers with proper documentation and tracking.


Component Level Repairs

Each part of your networking equipment consists of many smaller components. A typical Cisco Switch, will contain thousands of small components such as BGA’s, capacitors, resistors, transistors, and diodes. Most of the time these components will be stored inside integrated circuits.

When your equipment fails, it may be perfectly healthy except for one small component. That component might cost a small amount. Moreover, that component could be replaced in about fifteen minutes returning your equipment to full health.

The difficulty is that component level diagnosis is very difficult. If can take hours of testing to determine which components need to be replaced. It doesn’t take very many hours of a technicians time to exceed the cost of most parts.

This problem is exacerbated by the lack of available service manuals for most modern equipment. Networking technology is advancing so rapidly that our engineers need to keep up to date with the latest equipment. As we also sell products we use this influx of equipment to learn and build skills to repair when customers send us their fault products.

Cybertronics offer a NO FIX NO FEE Policy to give you the best peace of mind so why not get a quote now contact us.


BGA Reworking

Whats a BGA?

BGA (Ball Grid Array) is one type of packaging for surface-mounted integrated electronic circuits. A BGA package simply looks like a thin wafer of semi-conducting material that has circuit components on only one face. The Ball Grid Array package is called such because it is an array of metal alloy balls arranged in a grid.

About our ERAS 650 Reflow Station

Our ERSA IR Rework 650 incorporates advanced technology for safe SMT rework which can completely protect heat sensitive components. The IR radiation can be shielded thereby keeping the solder joint temperature of an adjacent chip well below it’s melting point, even at a distance of 0.5 mm! This level of heat control during rework is possible using IR technology.

Advantages over Hot Air Reflow

While hot air or convection is industry standard for an enclosed reflow oven, controlling the heat in an open rework environment is both difficult and limited, and depends greatly on the hot air nozzle construction. A method of protection of heat sensitive devices is not possible on most hot air systems where the adjacent device is closer than 3 mm. For those hot air systems where the nozzle is required to be placed flush against the PCB surface in order to have a proper convective atmosphere, the nozzle wall cannot fit into this small gap. For those systems where the nozzle does not contact the PCB, the escaping hot air will most probably overheat the adjacent device.

Fault Finding

Most faults provide obvious clues as to their cause. Through careful observation and a little bit of reasoning, most faults can be identified as to the actual component with very little testing. When we observe pcbs, we look for visual signs of mechanical damage such as indications of impact, chafed wires, loose components or parts laying in the bottom of the units. We also look for signs of overheating, especially on wiring, power supplies, and on the printed circuit boards. Checking the temperature of components can also help us find problems.

We pay particular attention to areas that were identified either by past history or by the customer that reported the problem.

After finding the faulty component(s), we test operate all features of the product to be sure we have replaced the proper component and that there are no other faults on the unit. It can be very embarrassing to tell the customer that you have repaired the problem only to have him find another problem with the equipment once they receive it. We soak test all our units before our customers receive them. If you would like a quote please contact us.


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